Second Visit English was created in November 2005, by a teacher and future writer R.B.Bailey Jr. Prior to November 2005, R.B. was a dispatch teacher for a major language school, Bing Bang Boom Club.

Everyday, he would visit students homes around the Saitama (and nearby prefectures) area…meeting well over 1,000 students in little over three years. The children enjoyed his lessons very much…and would ask when he would return for a much anticipated “second visit”.

Unfortunately, Bing Bang Boom Club closed its doors at the end of October 2005. When R.B. decided to carry on his career of dispatch lessons…that prospect of a second visit (and more!) came to mind. So, he named his school Second Visit English to honor that.

For now, our teaching area will be in Saitama, only. As more opportunities come, we can eventually branch out into other areas.

We will be starting an international program, as well.

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