Second Visit English Teacher Registration

Hello!! Thank you for registering with Second Visit English!! Below are some guidelines and Terms and Conditions for our teachers to follow. Please read carefully before registering. If you have any questions, please contact us with the form below the registration form.

  1. All Second Visit English teachers must have a high level of English. The ability to speak other languages is a plus and could make you available to a wider range of students.
  2. No experience is required but preferred.
  3. Must have good organizational and preparation skills for both online and classroom lessons.
  4. All Second Visit English teachers agree to make their confidential teaching resume available to potential students. This will be shared via a private link with a password.
  5. All Second Visit English teachers (both classroom and online teachers) must show courtesy, professionalism, personal information confidentiality, and respect to all Second Visit English students, parents or guardians, and fellow teachers.
  6. For communication purposes, you are allowed to exchange Email addresses with your student’s parents or adult students. Please contact your student’s parents or adult students directly, if you have to reschedule a lesson. If you have to reschedule, please try to reschedule for the same weekday and time.
  7. You must have a personal computer (PC) in good working order for online teachers, a high-quality web camera, up to date anti-virus, Online web-meeting software (ZOOM, Skype or Hangouts), and up to date internet security installed.
  8. Online lessons must be done from PC to PC only.
  9. You must know how to use your online web-meeting software fluently and efficiently and keep it updated.
  10. You cannot record or take screenshots of lessons or other meetings without parents or legal age adults’ permission.
  11. For privacy, you cannot post student photos, lesson photos, or screenshots of the students and/or parents to social media or personal blogs/websites.
  12. Registration does not mean students are available at the moment. When students become available, we will pair them with you, according to your available hours and/or student preference. Your personal profile page will be shared with potential students, via email and password, based on their preferences.
  13. Only part-time work is available with Second Visit English. Second Visit English does not promise a forty-hour or more workweek. According to the teacher’s schedule, student schedule, student availability, or all before-mentioned conditions, the teacher’s work will vary.
  14. You are responsible for your own income taxes.
  15. Agree upon the set teacher payment plan. Teacher payments will be made, from 1~3 days after payment is received from the parents/students. Make sure your Paypal account alerts you, when you receive any payments. This is usually by Email.
  16. Please notify Second Visit English via Email ( of any changes to your account information.
  17. Second Visit English teachers may not accept payment directly from parents unless approved in advance from Second Visit English management. Second Visit English administration must be informed if this is arranged between the parent/adult and teacher.
  18. At the moment, Second Visit English teachers will receive payment for lessons through PayPal.
  19. Second Visit English teachers are forbidden from assuming or restarting lessons with previous or current students for a minimum of two years if they leave Second Visit English.
  20. Second Visit English Teachers agree to the Guidelines above and promise to read our Teacher’s Manual.
  21. You may resign from Second Visit English at any time, for any reason, but you are required to complete a theme set (3 lessons of the same theme), with your current assigned student(s), before leaving. You will not be paid for incomplete theme sets, and the parents cannot be charged for incomplete theme sets. If you cannot finish a theme set for a special reason, please Email Second Visit English with your reason. It will be discussed further.
  22. Second Visit Teachers are forbidden from giving copies of materials, either in print or digital, to any students or families. Families will be able to purchase Second Visit Flashcards from our site later. Letterland materials can be found on Amazon and other shopping websites. Certain downloads will be available later.
  23. Second Visit English will always take the necessary precautions to safeguard its teachers, students, and parents’ confidentiality, including personal photos, lesson details, and information. WE WILL NEVER SHARE OR SELL THIS INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD PARTIES. Teacher Profile Pages are shared with potential students via a secure link, based on the student/family preferences, with passwords. The teacher must also have the password to view their profile page. Teacher Profile Pages are never published publicly.
  24. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact Second Visit English via Email at before registering!!

Second Visit English Teacher Pay Chart (for online lessons)

Age 0~1Age 2~3Age 4+Teen/Adult
13,000 JPY
1,375 PHP
882 THB
3,750 JPY
1,719 PHP
1,101 THB
4,500 JPY
2,063 PHP
1,322 THB
4,500 JPY
2,063 PHP
1,322 THB
24,500 JPY
2,063 PHP
1,323 THB
5,625 JPY
2,579 PHP
1,652 THB
6,750 JPY
3,094 PHP
1,983 THB
6,750 JPY
3,094 PHP
1,322 THB
*Rates as of Nov 1st 2020

Let’s get to know you!!

This information and your photo will be on your Second Visit English Teacher Profile page. Your home address and/or mailing address is not nessecary.

Thank you for registering!!