Second Visit Funics (Featuring Buzzy Bear, Bella Bird, Calvin Cat, Zoey and Joey)

Follow Buzzy Bear, Bella Bird, Calvin Cat, Zoey and Joey, as they show you how fun phonics can be!!

Second Visit English uses our own original materials for its “Funics” program…which is included with every lesson, or you can buy the workbook separately!!

How does Second Visit Funics work?

Your child, depending on their age, has two ways to learn their phonics!! If under age 5 or 6, they can simply learn the letters and their sounds in alphabetical order, and also become familiar with letter formation by doing finger-tracing. Our finger-tracing letters have numbers…they can connect the numbers to form the letter!! Easy!! If age 5 or 6, they can also learn the letters and sounds in a special sequence that will also prepare them for reading simple words. The more sounds that they learn, the more words they can learn to read!! This special sequence is explained in the workbook!!

In addition to just reading, there’s also listening and writing exercises for your child to try!! For ages under 5 or 6, we have a “small letters” version of Second Visit Funics, and “large and small letters” for ages 5+. Both books have exactly the same content. As a reward, there is also a small coloring section at the top of the worksheet at the end of the session!!

“Sound Palette” is colorful for a reason!! The different colors demonstrate the individual sounds that make a word.

“Listen and Draw!!” is a listening activity for the sound your child is studying. When they hear the sound, your child has to draw the shape that your “teacher” (Buzzy, Bella, Calvin, Joey or Zoey) asks them to draw!!

The writing practice gives your child lots of opportunities to write great alphabet, in both small and large letters!!

Under the Writing Practice, your child has an opportunity (with your help, in the beginning!!) to practice writing their name and age!!

Our Videos!!

These videos can help you , when you use our Second Visit Funics Workbook. Each video is for a different sound or letter(s). The videos are in the same sequence of our workbook.