Many changes to…

Hello everyone!! We have been busy, working on curriculum content, materials, and of course, our webpage!! We have added several new pages, mainly forms, and information for new students and teachers. Beyond Japan, we hope to expand in the Philippines and Thailand, as well.

We do have several social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Please see the widgets on the right side of this page!!

Speaking of widgets…of course our website and posts are written in English, but if you would like to see any page in your native language, please use the Google Translate widget at the top right side of each page!!

Sadly, due to the ongoing pandemic and safety concerns for students, their families and teachers, we can only offer online lessons at this time. If you would be interested in teaching Second Visit English, please take a look at this page!! If you have any questions, please ask us in advance, before registering!! Thank you in advance!!

If you know of anyone who would be interested in lessons, please see this page!! We are working on translations in Japanese, Filipino, and Thai!!!

We can accept PayPal for online lesson payments!!

Recently, we have three new friends!! Buzzy Bear, Calvin Cat, and Bella Bird…SVE’s new mascots!! Look for them in various places around Second Visit English!!

We have also added several videos to our YouTube Channel…check it out!! Many of the videos feature R.B.Bailey Jr, but we have started producing ABC videos, Numbers videos and other projects. We do plan to make vocabulary movies with the content from our curriculum!!

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